Year 2563

Meera has just given birth. She could feel the happiness, despite of the gruelling pain..She held her son in her hand- a feeling that only a mother can define.

She looked at him, those pink cheeks, those bright eyes. 

They added a divine sparkle to her wrinkled eyes..

She smiled with a heaviness in her heart…she knew that these wonderful moments will soon pass.

And yes…it did..

She stumbled to hold the hands of her son as he took his first steps. She was about to fall, when her son walked up to her to hold her hand.

He didn’t like carrots..but carrots were good for health. 

“Eat it. It won’t harm you.” She said.

Her son laughed, as she mumbled…

It was his first day at school..She looked at his tearful eyes. He wiped her tears, as she let go his hands for the first time.

The wait was too much to bear. As she stood outside the school gate in the sun.

The heat didn’t melt her that day…but that hug did, when she saw him after the longest one hour of her life…She closed her eyes, embracing that moment. As he sat beside her, with his head on her lap.

She ran her fingers through his hair. The temperature has not gone down. The beads of worries were trickling down her forehead, while her weary eyes needed some rest. But she stayed awake to let her little one sleep. 

He was growing too fast. She didn’t want to fast forward those precious moments. But time was less. She wanted to relieve everything for the one last time. 

Her son held her tight, unplugging the wires that connected her head to the screen. The screen went black. But it could regain all it’s color and vibrancy, whenever she wanted. Her son had finally invented something that helped her relive those beautiful moments of motherhood..

There was a smile on her face and tears in her eyes. She became a mother, once again at the age of 69.

She cried, she laughed, as she had just witnessed her beautiful past. And this was all she had asked.

It is said, that the brain records, every single moment of our lives. It’s the biggest data bank. But its also, the most under-utilised. 

P.S. Well…this is a fiction. But, I so much want this to be true..I wish there was a time machine or something that could help me relive those precious moments of motherhood…where I could keep touching those chubby cheeks, keep hearing those beautiful mumbled words…feel those little fingers wrapped around mine…that unconditional love…that caressing hug…wouldn’t it be just divine??

I know..these moments are gone..they will never come back..I know, with time, I will forget 90% of this. Videos and photographs aren’t suffice. 

Consider me crazy…but still I would love to relive most of it, all over again..