I have been thinking about this for a long time now. Wanted to share this with all my readers. And what better platform than sharing it on my blog..

As a child..I remember that there were few hawkers..the “ferrywala” who used to carry loads of utensils. You could buy utensils in exchange of old clothes. And believe me, it was quiet a bargain.

You got rid of the old clothes and in exchange became the owner of a brand new utensil. Not bad.

May be, it’s still continuing in some parts of India.. But I have not seen these ferriwalas for a long long time. May be their modus operandi has changed.

But anyways, let me not drift from the topic. So, my question to all my readers is, what do you do with your old clothes or shoes or anything old??

Well for me, it’s a huge headache. I donate a few to my maid or other helpers around. But still there are many more. And I have a toddler who seem to outgrow his clothes and shoes pretty frequently. And I really don’t know what to do with them??

You can say, there are orphanages, old age homes, NGO’s etc.. but let’s be frank..How many of us has been to any of the above? And if at all we do, then how frequently?? And what about the genuineness of proper usage of our donations? 

Believe me, only a handful of us can actually spare time for visiting these institutions. We keep on procrastinating these visits, thus increasing the junk at our homes. So a clutter free home seems like a distant dream..

But going to the homes and orphanages are not the only place where you can donate. Look around you, there are thousands of people who are in dire need of clothes, shoes and other things. 

The solution to this is a wall.. Yes, just a wall..with few hangers. 

I saw one such walls in Ghaziabad. That wall never failed to amaze me.. Everytime I passed that wall, I could see clothes hanging on it, with a note, that if you want it, you can take. No one to check what you are taking, no one to spy on you, no one to tell you or embarrass you.

This idea just clicked. Why can’t we have more such walls?? We are a vast nation with a vast population and there are millions of walls which can be put to use. But kindly don’t restrict yourself to the wall..a bin or a common room, can also do wonders in reducing the unwanted clutter from your homes. 

Just hang in your clothes. Don’t wait to see who comes to collect it. Let the needy take what they want. And let them have it with pride. 

Yes, the problem of misuse and hoarding still exists.. but this time it won’t be you..it will be someone who really needs it. And believe me, your old things will be put to a better use. And they will make the best of what you call as waste. 

Do it in your society, do it in our neighbourhood, do it on a wall nearby you. Believe me…all you will get at the end of the day will be lots of blessings and a great amount of satisfaction. It may be clothes, utensils, old books, household items. You can lay in an exhibition for the maids if your society. Let them pick and choose. Let there be a limit of what a single person can take.

When you start with it…I can assure you there will be hoarding from their end. If not all, but most of them. That’s human nature. You can’t defy that, that easily. You tend hoard things which you think is scarce, unavailable or precious.. but once they are made readily available.. hoarding will automatically stop..After a while, when they come to know that they will be getting things on regular intervals, hoarding will stop..and now they might just take stuffs and donate it to their neighbors..the more the merrier. And you know what…you just created a chain..a chain of helping hands. 

And do involve your kids in these.. In this digital world, we seem to be loosing  that human touch day by day..let them feel a sense of belongingness, a touch of humanity..

P.S The things that you think is outdated,  is the latest fashion for them, the things that you think is useless can become their most useful thing, the things that you think is unwanted can become their most priced possession, the things that has lost their charm for you, can become their charm..

Let’s make our home clutter free…