Shanti- My piece of peace.

I met Shanti some 8years ago. My househelp has not come for almost a week. Being a working woman, the absence of househelp is scary. So, I asked my neighbour if she could ask her maid to help me getting a replacement. Her maid obliged, and agreed to help me out with the routine household chores of brooming, dusting, cleaning the utensils. That is the day, when I met my Shanti. A dusky girl in her early twenties, with a distinct happy face. We hardly spoke to each other for a week. At the end of the week, she told me, “Bhabi, I want to work in your house. Your maid may not turn up for a long time. And I like working at your place. You seem different than the others.”

I agreed, not because I had started liking her, (it was too early…

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