Hi there, This is my story, my way… And believe me, I have a style. I just turned two. And just celebrated my official second father’s day. But I really don’t know what exactly is father’s day. Except for the fact that both bab bab ( thats what my father will henceforth be addressed as) and me, wore the same colored Tee shirts with something scribbled on it. No matter what’s scribbled, I do know that I am the “Coolest son ever” and bab bab is the “Coolest dad ever”.

Our love story began right when I was in mumma’s tummy. I was tiny, but that doesn’t mean that you will underestimate my kicking capacity. You could feel my kicks even from a distance. And it might sound strange but I invariably kicked whenever bab bab touched me. It was like a little game we played. At times, when mumma was worried about why am I not kicking then bab bab was brought into action. And I would immediately respond to their worries. Then, one fine day I came out of mumma’s cozy tummy. And for the first time met mumma and bab bab. Both were like” awww, so innocent , so cute.” And I was like “wait till I go home”.

The first time bab bab held me, was actually scary for all the four of us, which included, mumma, bab bab, nurse aunty and off course me. Mumma was very smart, she took me in her amrs as if she has done that a million times before. But bab bab couldn’t decide what was the best position to hold me. He would hold me in one position and then ask the nurse and mumma whether it was good. He tried lots of permutations and combinations.


Grow up bab bab, holding me is not rocket science.

Nurse aunty would actually try to hide her irritation behind her smile. And if you think thats enough, then wait for the next part. I was usually brought to mumma’s room for nursing (yummy time, so yummylicious that I still do),and then taken back to the nursery for napping. Plus I had four girlfriends waiting there for me. I was the only boy in the nursery, so I guess I was in demand. But often I found bab bab peeking through the nursery, longing for one sight of me. He would force the nurse aunties to raise the blinds just to see me taking a nap, or smiling in my dreams, or just trying to wiggle inside the wrap. Yes, they used to wrap me, but don’t worry, I was smart,  I would somehow manage to take out my arms everytime.

The nurse aunties were very relieved to send us ( especially bab bab) home. No more of raising the blinds for bab bab, no more ‘just for one second’, no more ‘is this ok or should I hold him like this?’


Back at home, I was immediately surrounded by paparazzi of almost all age groups. Boy! I am popular. And within seconds I had a huge fan following. Bab bab stood there proudly with mumma by his side. Mumma needed a lot of rest and I needed a lot of sleep and bab bab needed to be a superman, looking after both of us. Everytime I cried, he would pick me up and hand me over to mumma for my yummilicious time. At times I would find him lurking around my cot waiting for me to open my eyes. And as soon as I need opened my eyes, he would give me a smile.

We have hardly been together for a week when I was rushed to the hospital again. I had jaundice. It was a tough time for all of us. Mumma would cry seeing the needle marks on my little hands.Bab bab considered her lucky as she could hold me near her, caress me. He would wait for hours outside NICU just for a glimpse of me. Even the nurse aunties would now bring me to the glass window so that bab bab could have a look. They told mumma that they have never seen such a loving and caring father. “Nurse aunties please tell us something new.” Back home, both mumma and bab bab would see the empty cot and hide their tears from each other. Grandmaa had her own set of crying sprees. Believe me they can win any crying contest.

Within 4days I was reunited with them. I came home like a hero in the arms of my heroes, even more pampered than before. Bab bab would invariably wake up everytime I would wake up to nurse. And would stay awake till the time I was asleep. At times he would just come near me, check on me and then go. And sometimes he would get a nice little scolding from mumma, reason being “Why isn’t he waking up. I want to play,” This usually happened when he was about to leave town for work. Yes, at that time bab bab was working at a different place . But I would find him standing near my cot every saturday morning. Sunday was officially declared as “father son-day”. No interference other than yummilicious time. I would often fall asleep in his arms. There were times when he wouldn’t move a millimeter because I was sleeping in his arms, or I was holding his hands, which I loved too. And whenever I was unwell or in pain, I found relief in his arms. Mumma was definitely there, but I would fall asleep only in his arms.

Mumma at times gets very jealous, because even till date, I wake up and the jump over mumma, to reach him. My first words in the morning is always ” eee bab bab”.This is the way we have been greeting each other ever since I learnt my first words. And every morning, we both feel the same excitement when we see each other. I know that bab bab is the worst possible dancer but still he managed to copy the “hot dog dance” just for me. He is my batsman, my horse (ee), my dance partner, my companion in mischief, and would definitely be assigned many more roles in the future, I am aware that I would forget all these precious moments we are presently sharing, but I am also aware that my bab bab would remember everything. I know this, because he is my bab bab. And every sunday, would forever be our Father Son-Day.